At our Heart: the Technical Centre

The core of our company is the technical centre, where we simulate all possible external influences that can impact on the control unit under operating conditions. This includes defined series of tests with regard to temperature, humidity, light and contamination. Our products must also be capable of withstanding shocks and vibration. The tests for these factors are all performed and evaluated on the basis of the DIN standards.

Tough and Robust

We create rain, generate wind and throw up huge amounts of dust. Owing to the permanent load represented by weather influences that affect control units, a robust and resistant construction is a must. We give particular priority to the quality of our displays. These must be able to not only stand up to the most adverse environmental influences, but must also be clearly readable at all times in order to guarantee constant functional reliability. Bright displays using the latest technology are a Wachendorff standard that we apply to all our products.

Topcon Electronics represents safe and dependable products – for the entire product lifetime